TAZ Graduation: Honour Roll or Drop out?

The Adventure Zone is an actual play podcast in its third main story arc or season, which is called Graduation. The podcast was created and is hosted by the McElroy family, consisting of brothers Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy of My Brother, My Brother and Me fame and their father, former radio host Clint McElroy. […]

Locked Down with Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing, as I said in my review, is a time sink. This usually would not be such a huge problem, as we have school, work or family keeping us to schedules where we can’t play the game all day every day. However, at the time of writing this, most of the world is locked […]

Playing like a Slowpoké

This is an argument for how I play Pokémon, which I have been told many times is not the ‘right’ way to play. This is even supported by the anime too which tells me I play in a ridiculously convoluted way. So you may be wondering, Meg, how do you play Pokemon games? Well Firstly, […]