ITYA5: Easter Eggs-travaganza!

Do you like Easter Eggs? So do we! Chocolate and Game variety are our favourite! Join Meg and Jackie as they talk about their favourite Easter Eggs in video games and game… products? Listen to the podcast here On Pause Jackie – Legends of Zelda(s), Monster Hunter Meg –  Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Monster Hunter Get in […]

ItYA 2: We Really Don’t Like Zombies

The gaming BAFTA nominees were announced! Join us as we discuss our opinions and theories as to who will win each award. Also we break down and react to the Pokémon Direct. Listen to the podcast Here On Pause Jackie – Link’s Awakening, BotW, Animal Crossing: New Horizons Meg –  Hades Sims 2 and Sims […]

ItYA 1: Of Pikachus and Links

There was the first long Nintendo Direct in eons! Listen in as we break it down and share our opinions. Also, Pokémon has a big anniversary, and we discuss some of our favourite memories from the series. Listen to the podcast Here On Pause Jackie – The Legend of Zelda (Multiple) Meg – Hades and […]